The outdoor handgun range at Meemo’s Farm offers a safe shooting environment for you and your family, friends and clients with customer friendly, highly trained employees for your safety and enjoyment

Our handgun range offers the opportunity for up to 6 people shooting at the same time , targets vary from paper to steel or for those wanting something extra , shoot at our life size bleeding zombie targets for that extra something

You are welcome to bring your own handguns and use them on the range or alternatively sign up for our handgun package, which is one of our most popular activities

The handgun package includes shooting full clip’s from the following pistols .22 cal, 22 mag, .380, 38, 9mm, .45 and 3 rounds from the 50 cal Desert Eagle

Contact the office staff for more details 231 734 9066

giveAn Unforgettable Luxury Experience This Holiday Season

We're offering Experience Packages, as well as dollar amount gift certificates for the holidays this year!