5-Stand is a miniature version of the popular game of Sporting Clays

made to fit onto a Skeet Field.

No two 5-stands are exactly alike and a wide variety of targets are thrown.

In 5-Stand, there are 5 shooting cages set in a line. Then, between 6 and 8 traps, set in various locations, targets are thrown in various combinations—usually in a pre-determined sequence.



  • A “Round of 5-Stand” is 25 targets.
  • 5-Stand can be shot with any gauge shotgun, but usually a 12-gauge.
  • There are 5 shooting cages placed in a line.
  • There are 6 to 8 machines set in various locations and each is visibly numbered.
  • The game is shot from 5 stations with a menu telling the shooter which birds will be launched and how they will be presented (single, report pair or true pair).
  •  All shooters get to “view” the target presentations prior to the start of the round.
  • Once the shooters have shot their specific birds, the squad rotates to the next station in a fashion similar to Trap.
  • The gun may be fully or partially mounted, it’s the shooter’s choice.
  • Single targets are allowed full use of two shots.
  • Pairs of targets are normally simultaneous and determining which to shoot first is part of the game.
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