This popular form of pheasant hunting is perfect for corporate, private, social, and sporting groups.

Enjoy this exclusive, dynamic form of hunting in our exquisite location.

$435 Per Gun

Hunt Prices Are Subject To Change From January 1st – April 30th


Aug 15–Apr 30

Meemo’s Farm

Party Size:


  • 10 pheasants per hunter. Birds divided equally between hunters.
  • 50 shells per hunter.
  • Dog, guides, bird cleaning and packaging.
  • Breakfast, snacks, and lunch included for morning tower shoot.
  • Lunch, snacks and hors d’oeuvres included for afternoon hunt.


  • Extra shells are available from $30 per box.
  • Gun rental is available for $25 per gun.
  • The price per hunter is the minimum price and is based on a 20-hunter party size. The price per hunter increases as the number of hunters decreases. All prices are subject to change.

The European style pheasant hunt is designed for maximum bird harvest and offers some of the finest pass-over shooting you’ll ever experience. Ten shooter stations with a two-hunter capacity are strategically placed in a circle around a central tower 150 yards away. A minimum of ten pheasants are released from the tower for each hunter, and shooters rotate until they’ve had a chance to shoot from each station. Once shots have been fired, our trained gundogs retrieve the birds and bring them back to the stations where they will be collected and cleaned.

A midday lunch break is taken, followed by a walk-up field hunt in the afternoon. In the evening, find rest and relaxation at the Lodge where you’ll enjoy post-hunt drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and share the excitement of the day.

Overnight Accommodation Packages:

We can design an overnight accommodation and dinner package, combined with the European hunt. Please contact the office for details.