Meemo's Farm

Gun Dog Training

Providing Professional Training for Upland Bird and Waterfowl Dogs

If you’re looking for expert advice on gundog training then this is an excellent place to start.

With the extensive experience of training a wide variety of gun dogs we are extremely confident in achieving the very best for you and your companion.

We offer the very best in residential training from our purpose-built kennels set in over 1,500 acres of prime upland bird hunting habitat which enables us to finish all our trainers on game in natural shooting situations.

We limit ourselves to a small number of dogs, enabling us to spend the necessary time with each individual dog and molding our training program to suit the dog and the owner’s requirements.



Our dog training programs are designed to get the most out of your gun dog. We are able to train your dog for whatever your hunting preference – be it open fields for a pheasant /chukar partridge hunt or over water or corn fields for duck and goose or through thick woodland cover for ruffed grouse and woodcock.

Clients are encouraged to visit during the training process where a demonstration enables them to see the dog progressing through its training and discuss any details that may arise.



When dogs are checked in for training, we will do an evaluation session with your dog while you are present. This will let everyone know where we are starting from. We evaluate the drive and interest that young dogs have in birds when we are starting them out.
With older dogs we like to get an idea where they are at in their training. This also gives us an opportunity to learn of any specific problems you have with handling your dog and what you expect from your dog.

We will want to know what you want to accomplish through professional training.

Hours of Training

We work dogs 6-7 days a week. Each dog is worked 2 hour throughout the day. The first half hour of a training session is during the peak of a dog’s attention span, making this the most productive time.


We provide Life’s Abundance All Life Stages for our dogs. If your dog is on a special diet or if you would like us to maintain your dog’s current diet, bring your food along with your dog and we will be happy to follow up with it.


You are encouraged to come out and see your dog every 2-3 weeks during the training. As you visit during the training you are able is see your dog’s progress first hand. We will demonstrate your dog to you in a way that you understand the training we are doing and how to handle your dog for yourself.

At certain stages of the training we will have you work with your dog under our guidance. This is so that you and your dog become more comfortable working together. We give a concerted effort to teach every owner a thorough understanding of effective techniques in training and handling. The desired result is a dog capable of working for his owner as well as the trainer.

What we need prior to Training

Dog Registration Form and Vet Checks

All clients are required to fill out our Pre arrival Dog Training Registration Form and proof of vaccinations.

This provides us with important information on your dog and also enables us to be satisfied that the dog is healthy and in good condition to start its training and to protect the existing dogs in the kennel.

Proof of vaccination – Rabies / Bordetella (Kennel Cough) & Distemper